Saturday, 28 July 2012

New project

With a useful advises from Steven Macleod and help from Diane Smith my new project has got its shape now and it's almost finished. Here is a small selection of 'Displacement; photographs from the shadow of the Tomislawice Mine'.

‘Displacemen; photographs from the shadow of the Tomislawice Mine’:

In January 2010 the ‘Konin’ mine opened in central western Poland. A series of open pits scattered across the area it is run by the State owned company Konin Mine, which extracts brown coal to be used by power engineering industry.

Lignite or ‘brown coal’ supplies 93 percent of Poland’s energy and three nearby power stations burn materials from the Konin mines. The initial impact of open cast mining is very physical, with local lakes disappearing, forests drying up water supplies dwindling. Local residents and Greenpeace activists argue that open-cast mining, which sucks up water within a several-kilometre radius, will rapidly drain the shallow Lake Goplo within few years.

I documented and interviewed the families who have been left on the edge of The Tomislawice Stripmine, both those that have stayed and those that have received new housing through compulsory displacement or voluntary relocation packages. 

                         all images © Ula Wiznerowicz