Monday, 24 February 2014

Notters's Family

In 1993 in the pursuit of a simpler, modest life, Swiss couple, Claudia and Thomas emigrated to rural Poland. Together with their nine children they have been running an organic farm in picturesque Mazury, in the northeast of the country. In stark contrast to the high standard of living in Switzerland they first resided in an open fireplace tepee, leading a much less modern existence. Their search for something different took them through Italy and Southern France to find a land where they could be happy and at peace. A piece of land where they could realise the project they’ve always dreamed of, an ‘eco-village’. Their journey brought them to this area of Poland but, unfortunately, their idea didn’t work out. However, besides the bleak, depressing atmosphere and a really harsh first winter, they bravely decided to stay. And they never regretted making that choice. They have been living happily, in the village of Bachanowo, in a relatively poor region of northeast Poland, working on their farm and producing their famous Swiss cheeses for over 20 years.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

GUP Portfolio

Thrilled to have my work published at the GUP portfolio!
Polish photographer Ula Wiznerowicz returned to the village of her birth to document and understand the pervasiveness of alcoholism, its effects and discontents. See more in our latest online portfolio:

Daylight Multimedia

Daylight Multimedia piece featuring my work - the prize for being selected as a Juror's Pick, 2012 DAYLIGHT PHOTO AWARD: