Monday, 16 April 2012

Trip to Poland

I'm getting ready for my trip home, doing some research and trying to find an easy explanation why all of my projects lead me to the same place, which is Poland. I came across an interesting essay by Rosamund Bartlett: “The Meaning of Motherland” applying to Simon Roberts body of work "Motherland". Bartlett talks about a sense of belonging to some place and love for the motherland. I think that is what inspires me to tell a story about my physical and mental attachment to my native landscapes. '…meditative landscapes – clusters of spindly birch trees under cloudy skies, village churches next to modest ponds, and houses surrounded by snow.' writes Bartlett and I automatically see this picture in my mind.

The project about Stripe Mine, hasn't got a title yet and it is something I have to figure it out :) In January 2010 The Tomislawice Strip Mine has started preparation to be ready for mining lignite for the beginning of 2011. The deposit is based on the southern and central parts of Wierzbinek Commune in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) where I grew up. More soon...

                        © Ula Wiznerowicz